Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Stuff I found on the web, and a few new products

Hi all! I hope the week has treated you well. I have a few free resources that I came across and wanted to share with everyone.

First- a free app for Android called, simply enough, "Common Core" by Master Connect Inc.  has all of the common core standards posted and very easy to find. This is a great resource to have take wherever you go. The format is user-friendly; it truly is easy to navigate! More information is available HERE and it is available to download in the Android store.

Second- I came across a great blog (with few followers) that has a lot of wonderful tips and FREE supplementary favorite is the Guided Reading Resource, so click HERE for that link..and then browse the rest of the blog from there. It is called Mrs. Cowan's Blog . I found this section incredibly useful, so do yourself a favor and check it out!

Fling the Teacher game screen
Third- Content Generator Create your Own Flash Review Games site. Uploading and getting the games to actually work can be a bit tricky, but I have had success and created lots of review games for my students that they LOVE and are excellent for reviewing materials (the most popular is Fling the Teacher..but I do find the concept a bit violent almost, so perhaps look into the other games, or use your own judgement..they get all the answers they get to fling a cartoon teacher on a catupult).

Finally- For those of you who have not stopped by my store in a while, please check it out..I went from 10 products to 35 in the last two you might want to follow it. I now have Ela, math, and a combo back of super cute, reasonably priced Common Core posters for third, fourth, and fifth grades!

I have new freebies!

I have adjective activities bundles!

and more (plus my store has been just looks better ) . So, check it out..and stay tuned for this week's 10 Finds coming up in the next few days. If anyone is interested in featuring a product of mine in a blog post, let me know..and you can have it for free! Thank you! Happy blogging ! :)

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