Monday, August 6, 2012

Edible Lessons

Who doesn't love a deliciously edible lesson? I know as a student, I always found such lessons extremely memorable, and I am sure students still echo the same sentiments.  You want to limit how often you do such lessons, for health and money purposes and so your students don't begin to think the only way they can learn is by eating.  A good way to incorporate such lesson is as a class reward. As you know there are many, many edible lessons. One of my favorites is using candy, or for healthier purposes raisins, cheerios, etc.., as math manipulatives. Incorporate these treats into lessons for sorting, adding, multiplying, fractions; the opportunities are many. I have posted a couple of my favorite edible ideas as well. If you are a teacher that has a great edible lesson that you would like to share, post a link to it in the comments and I might just choose to feature a link to you and your lesson in an upcoming post.

1.. Bake a cake!- Bake and decorate a cake to go along with whatever unit or lesson you are teaching. Get creative! Be sure to take pictures and talk about the cake design with students  and incorporate it into a lesson. Perhaps have students make observations. 

For a night and day Lesson I created the following cake: I was pressed for time, so it's nothing fancy and was very cheap to make. I'm sure you crafty, amazing teachers can really make some amazing fact, if you decide to make a cake, feel free to share it with us! (The picture of course)
night and day edible lesson

2. Moon phases: Using Oreos, and small Popsicle sticks (or whatever else will get the frosting off), have students make the phases of the moon. You can do this on a paper plate, and have them label each phase. Also, don't forget to put the Earth in the center so they are reminded that the moon circles the Earth. You should also have the students put about how long it takes for this to occur on their design. Take pictures to hang up or for a class newsletter! 

phases of the moon with oreos


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  3. I LOVE edible lessons! We have done compound word parties where we eat strawberries, popcorn, blueberries, watermelon, etc.

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