Saturday, August 18, 2012

10 Weekly Finds

As mentioned earlier, I am going to post 10 finds from blog or TPT stores that I like. I am not going to do a top 10 though I decided, as there are so many great finds . Basically, this is just a way for people to be aware of some of the items I've found and liked, and for you to maybe get a mention!  If you want to let your blog buddies know about this "10 finds" link, please do so...I am more likely to give shout outs to those who follow my blog, just because I am more likely to be aware of your store and items. :) However, not all items are from followers. Be sure to check out the bottom of this post for my newest product.

So, in no particular order : here are weekly finds you may want to check out!

Compound Words - words stuck together like a PB & J sandwich
Compound Words Stuck Together Activity from Teaching With Laughter - A really cute activity to supplement your compound words lesson. It has a peanut butter and jelly theme.

Multiplication Board Games Bundle from Fun Games for Learning - A set of teacher-created multiplication games for  a good price. This seller also had addition, subtraction, and divison games. Good for centers and more. Cute designs too.

Backyard Barbeque: ELAR & Math Activities
Backyard BBQ ELAR and Math activities from First Grade with Mrs. Snowden - An adorable BBQ themed activity bundle for both ELA and Math at a great price, that is jam packed with activities for various things including synonyms, antonyms, graphing, telling time, word wall, and sentences.

Class Rules Poster Set FREEBIE!- from  Extra Special Teaching  - A great FREE set of rules signs for your classroom, with cute visual clip art to remind your students of your expectations.

Fall Themed Morning Work Pack (common core aligned) from Kroger's Kindergarten-  20 pages of morning work sheets focusing on common core aligned math, reading, and writing skills.

"Ocean Life" themed parts of speech signs- from The Peanut Gallery - These are adorable and priced right!

Pig Themed Back to School Bundle- from 2nd Grade Pig Pen - I love pigs, so I love this  bundle of back-to-school goodies all with a cute pink and green pig theme. It is 44 pages long, and includes lots of templates and forms. 

Free Colorful Work Stations Signs from  Mrs. Standford's Class- free and perfect for centers!

Johnny Appleseed Thematic Unit   - It is 65 pages, well priced, and has tons of cute items in it including KWL charts, science lessons, drawing activities, lessons, anchor charts, and more

Pretty Frames - cheap, cute, whimsical frames to use in your teacher-created products

classroom reward certificates
For a little self-promotion- I really like and will be putting to use my new classroom reward certificates store is growing. I now have over twenty items and more items to come, so check it out!


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  3. Thanks for mentioning my Compound Words unit! I'm loving your blog!

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