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Common Core Resources and Links to Ease the Transition :

Oh Common Core.....I have a love/not-so-much-love relationship with you. I love the concept of common core, but revamping can be tough, and changes are never easy. I love that educators around the nation now have the same standards, and I love how they are aligned through the grade levels. I truly do like the concept of common core..but navigating them can be tricky. I, like many of you, have been actively browsing for common core resources on the web to help ease the transition. As I find more resources I will post them to my blog...but please save this post and repin it if you find it useful..because this will be my main blog post about common core resources. I wanted to showcase as many online resources as possible to you in one concise location.  Let me know if you have any additional links or resources that teachers will find useful for their transition to common core. Thanks a bunch, and happy teaching! :)

Before I begin, I do want to link to my colorful common core posters, so that you can easily (and stylishly) post the standards whenever you need to, and print them out whenever also. They are currently available for third-sixth grades, but hopefully more grades soon. The link is for the ELA/Math third grade combo pack..but from there just check out my store for the other grade levels. If you only need ELA or only need Math, they are available as seperates as well...however the best deal is the combo pack :)  They are all the same style with original styles, and have different color themes depending on the strand of standards.

common core posters


Now, onto the links and resources for Common Core (click this highlighted link for the official CC homepage). Enjoy ! :)

1.Pinterest: Pinterest is an amazing place for teachers, but more specifically, common core resources! Here is a specific Pinterest Board aptly titled "Common Core Resources":

2.Read Works: For Reading strategies, comprehension, resources, and lessons that are aligned with Common Core.

3. Core Planner- This site looks AMAZING! I have not had a chance to really look into it as much as I'd like; but it is free. It is a site created for you to plan, track, record and integrate your Common Core lessons. It looks like a very useful organizing and planning tool for CC.

click the read  more for more resource links below:

4. Common Core Standards Android App- I have mentioned this wonderful app in a previous post. It is designed by Mastery Connect. It has all of the standards for you to easily pull up at any time. It is organized and streamlined nicely for you to quickly zone in on the standards for your grade level and the standard stand you need; and it's free!

5.) Pennsylvania Common Core Frameworks: I like that this site allows you to pull up a standards concept and grade level. It then has each subject or strand broken down by "big idea" with essential questions, concepts, competencies, and all of the CC standards that align with them. When you finish checking out that page, go to  this section of their website for lessons and activities by grade level that you can use in your classroom!

6.)NC Public Schools Unpacking CC Standards: I love this site! Search by your grade level, and then it has a HUGE resource packet for all the standards of that grade level. Since cc standard wording is tricky, it has a wonderful example and explanation fo each standard for teachers to better understand what it is exactly they are to teach and their students are expected to learn. This is a must-visit site!

7.) Sample Scope and Sequence download  -for each grade level's math standards. This is truly a valuable resource for planning units throughout the year.  I just wish they had ELA too :)

8.) k-5 math teaching resources - A wonderful website full of resources, activities, and printables that you can use in your math instruction; and they are aligned to the CC standards! LOVE IT!

9.) GOORU Learning for Secondary-  Excellent resource for secondary teachers. This site has a search tool for 5th-12 grade teachers to find digitexts, animation, videos, and other resources. There are quizzes too, and students can join to take quizzes and track their progress and get recommended sites. Standards aligned.

10.)Common Core Lesson Planning Template- If your school does not have a specific template, here is one that you can use that will ensure you address everything you need to have lessons that address the CC standard, the critical thinking, and the rigor that is neccessary.

11.) Teacherspayteachers- Teachers create and upload TONS of resources (lessons, units, posters, forms, activities, games, and much much more!) for either a reasonable fee or for free. Excellent resource for all teachers...the items are created by people who know what is needed in the classroom (teachers themselves). Here is my TPT store with over 40 items.

12.)lessonplanet - This is a site you pay for (membership), but it's got tons of lessons that you can easily search for and use, and most are aligned with the CC standards.

I hope this list helps, and as I have previously mentioned....I will update this post as I find more links, so follow the blog to keep up to date. Please feel free to repin or post this post so that others can see the resources available to teachers to help them transition to Common Core.

Thank you!

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  2. Hey! I am loving Common Core, but it's a big change! I'm Mark Mozley's girlfriend! When he said one of his friends was posting on Facebook about a TPT store, I was like I bet she has a blog and I'm going to follow her! haha! So I'm a new follower!

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