Saturday, January 12, 2013

Teacher Feature and Product Swap!

Happy 2013 everyone. It has been a while since I posted, but I am a part of a product swap and wanted to feature a fellow blogger's awesome product!
patterns and coordinate grids resources
When I first found out who my product swap partner was,I was super excited. Her names is Jennifer Findley at Teaching to Inspire. I have been a follower of Jennifer's on TPT since I began my 5th grade teaching position in October. Teaching the new 5th grade Common Core math has been tricky, and her products have really helped. So when I found out she was my partner for the swap, I thought "Awesome! I get another great product of hers, as well as the benefits of swapping". We both swapped our 5th grade Common Core math items. I swapped my new winter 5th grade fractions and decimals board task cards and board game, and she swapped her new Patterns and Coordinate Grids Unit Pack. I already owned some of her fractions dice games, and her Common Core math review pack, so I was excited for this product, which would be the upcoming unit for my class. This resource is jam packed with Common Core resources, and is organized very nicely for each standard of 5th grade dealing with this unit ((5.OA.3, 5.G.1, 5.G.2). There are performance tasks, assessments, task cards, practice work, posters, and more! Plus, each item comes with an answer key.
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There are over 50 pages in this unit!
 Included are: 1. Label the Coordinate Grid Printable 2. Create a Coordinate Grid (Similar to a Craftivity) 3. Complete Patterns Printable 4. What's the Rule? Printable 5. Completing Patterns; Word Problems Printable 6. Graph the Data Printable 7. Pattern Grid Match Up Printable 8. Using Grids to Complete Tables Printable 9. 6 Printables for you to use to design your own Plot the Point handouts (whole numbers and decimals) 10. Where Am I? Printable 11. Plot the Town Printable 12. Real World Problems: Shrek and Toy Story Printable 13. Real World Problems: Candy Bar Sales Printable (2 pages) 14.Task Cards for Coordinate Grids (18 Questions) 15. 8 Word Wall Cards 16. Extra Grids
 I found this unit extremely thorough, and I can not wait to use it with my 5th graders beginning next week. It has made my lesson planning a breeze. I like to do mini lessons and then learning stations in math (plus this is required at my school). I plan on incorporating the task cards at one station, and then rotation the other included items through other stations. Be sure to Check out Jennifer's blog with great teaching ideas here.
Teaching to Inspire in 5th
Also, check out this great product of hers that I featured here: Patterns and Coordinate Grids

Be sure to check out my new Common Core products at my TPT store, including my 5th grade fractions and decimals task cards and board game  (covering most standards of decimals and fractions) as well.
5th grade common core fractions & decimals winter  task ca 5th grade common core fractions & decimals winter  task ca5th grade common core fractions & decimals winter  task ca5th grade common core fractions & decimals winter  task ca