Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Writing prompt sticks for Common Core Writing and a freebie!

The Common Core writing standards require students to be able to write opinion (persuasive), informational, and narrative writing. Although I loved writing as a student, it is just not something everyone enjoys or excels at. Plus, when it comes to writing tests, they usually do not give students the option to write whatever is on their mind. The students are given prompts, and then must write from there. That is why I think having writing prompts available to your students for writing centers, free time, writer's workshop, writing test practice,morning work, and even days when you have a substitute, is a crucial tool for teachers to have. I have had prompts in my classroom before, but they were just on plain cards or paper. The introduction of Pinterest and Teachers  Pay Teachers, has really inspired me to up my game though.  Earlier this year I began creating cupcake toppers, and using that inspiration I began designing writing prompt cards similar in style to my cupcake toppers, and then gluing them on popsicle sticks. This made my prompts much more exciting for the students, and they never knew which prompt they might draw! Giving  some choices and some excitement in a lesson is greatly appreciated by the students (and the administration). It makes their learning more personal and more memorable.

Coming up with writing prompts can be tricky, and while you can make your own prompt cards, I have also created some that you can buy! I have a 4 prompt freebie so you can preview what the prompts look like, and you can use the freebie for a center rotation or a day of writing. I designed 3 different sets, and each set has 10 informational prompts, 10 narrative prompts, 10 opinion prompts, and 10 creative free write prompts for a total of 40 prompts per set. If you buy them, you can easily print, laminate,  superglue or hot glue them on popsicle sticks, and place in a cute jar or cup for your students to use. Another option, is to put them on a hook, in a photo album, or on a bulletin board. They are versatile in that respect. Each set is affordably priced, but if you want the best deal buy the bundle of all three sets (120 prompts) and save yourself some money. I find these are geared more towards third-fifth grade students, but would likely work for second and sixth as well.  I have also created a set of early finisher task cards, and I use them on popsicle sticks as well.


Grab your bundled set of my common core writing prompts HERE!! You can find the individual sets at my store as well.

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