Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Attention: We have a winner (and a freebie!)

Congratulations to Beverly M., who won my 100 Followers Giveaway! Congratulation. Thank you to everyone who supported the giveaway by donating, entering, following, and sharing. I really do appreciate it! I have not been blogging as much this week, because I have been really busy, but I will become more active at again on Sunday. It is my birthday tomorrow (27th!), and for my birthday I get to go get an emissions test,  get my license renewed, and get my tag renewed. Gotta love it :) Until I start back up to blogging again on Sunday, I want to leave you guys with a little freebie!  My math bookmarks freebie that are available in my store. These two bookmarks cover basic angles and fractions, and make a great study tool for your students. Click here to get them! 

I have new Halloween goodies, including writing prompts, borders, and a syllable activity in my check them out! I also have new colorful reading comprehension prompt cards :)
Thank you! Happy Teaching :)

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